A country is known by its subjects, the people who reside in that country. There are, of course, other parameters as well, like the economy of the country, the Gross Domestic Product, the average income earned per person, to name a few. However, these other parameters ultimately are dependent on the available resources with such country. There are countries on this globe which have a handful of resources, but a judicious approach in utilising and exploiting these limited resources makes a country being either looked upon or looked down or even ignored in certain cases. Due to this, one of the many factors, the government of a country must try to divert its resources (read monetary resources) towards building a healthy nation by investing and nurturing the health of its inhabitants.

There are two schools of thoughts whose views vary from one another. One of the schools is of the view that the available monetary resources must be diverted towards enhancing the skills of a few of the top athletes, which the country adorns. The view of the other school, however, is skewed on the other side which believes that the financial resources, at the disposal of a country, must be directed towards making available better facilities to the general public, at large. According to the other school, the impetus must be towards extending benefits to a large base of the population rather than restricting the flow of benefit to a privileged class.

Though the importance of exploiting the talent of top athletes, who are few in numbers, cannot be ignored, as they do bring the charm, glory, laurel and fame to their parent country by winning sports competition, albeit, at the cost of public, at large. As a matter of fact, the opinion of one of the schools of thoughts was vouched for, in one of the articles of the weekly magazine, The XAW. The magazine depicted the amount spent for promoting sports by investing the taxpayer’s money, on a few top sports person. The data clearly revealed and drew a picture that clearly did show the exorbitant amount so spent. It can be safely said that these are not mere speculations of an armchair dreamer but are the bare truth revealed by the statistics.

Thus, it can be candidly and, with evidence, concluded that the government must divert their economic resources towards providing general facilities, which are mandatory, to the population, which has a large base, rather than investing money on a few top athletes. It, however, does not diminish the value of sports because sports is one of the activities which provide health to anyone who pursues it and of course health, for everyone is dearer than the fine opals, more precious than the emeralds!


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