Waste recycling and people’s participation in it is a moot issue and a lot of arguments could be observed among people as well as in the media regarding whether people should spontaneously take part in recycling process or the government should make it a legal obligation. Government should impose laws and severely fine the violation of it to ensure proper waste recycling.

First, waste recycling is done by the state and citizens are expected to properly divide the recyclable and non-recyclable wastages and pack them accordingly while dumping them in recycle bins. They are expected to cooperate greatly in the recycling process. However, it is a strange fact that many people do not participate in it spontaneously either from their negligence or from their lack of time to do so.

Moreover, it is a harsh truth that people in many cases abide by a rule only from the concern of punishment or fine, not from their conscience. For instance, when the penalty for traffic rule violation went up, people started following them in my city. Similarly, if laws are introduced and the authority starts penalising, more people would recycle more of their waste products.

Furthermore, waste recycling is a very handy process to save our environment and we already have many rules to protect our environment. While deforesting is a severe crime in my country, there is no visible law for not recycling the waste. This is why people are very careless about their waste production and this has created a throwaway society in our country. This is why proper laws are required.

In conclusion, most of the citizens in our country already know about the importance of saving the environment and how individual efforts of recycling can improve environmental conditions. Since many of them still do not participate in waste recycling, there is no alternative than to impose laws to have this done.


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