Advertising Discourages People From Being Different

In today’s complex commercial worlds, consumers are increasingly relying on the marketing promotions. Therefore, it has been argued that advertising makes people become less distinctive. Modern media is rife with advertisements, ceaselessly persuading people to purchase products and services.

Firstly, it is human nature to pursue the latest trend of the society. This is especially true in this day and age, where the cut-throat competition leaves little room for customers to make a rational choice for purchasing. Therefore, one way to gain the latest products and service is to follow the advertising. For example, half of the mobile-phone users today are using iphone, because attractive marketing promotion stops potential buyers from looking any further. However, with the frequently changed advertisements, customers may intend to purchase more if they have enough disposable income. Thus, such phenomenon would lead to wastage in terms of income and resources.

Secondly, general public has become more vulnerable to manipulation by these marketing tactics and has perceived these messages as truthful and unbiased. This phenomenon is rather evident among the younger generation. In comparison with adults, young people may worship materialism greater. They are excessively relying on social media to fulfill their vanity. For instance, a brand new handbag could be sold instantly because of the advertising. Nevertheless, it will undermine consumers’ critical thinking. Thus, consumers are more likely to purchase products based on slogans, not based on their true needs. This might explain why a considerable number of consumers wear the same shirts and are using the same computers.

In conclusion, I believe that advertising is making people less distinctive, due to the fact that modern society has posed an adverse impact on purchasing habits.


Advances in technology, transport, and communication have given rise to the phenomenon of globalization. A lot of barriers have been pulled down; the exchange of ideas between countries and cultures has never been freer in any time in history. This has in turn led to an expanding use of a few major languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and especially English. There are obvious benefits to this, but the possible cultural ramifications must not be ignored.

Obviously, the use of one major language as a lingua franca or bridge language is desirable because it enhances cross-cultural communication. It embodies a clear, accessible standard for everybody to follow be it in books, movies, academic or popular publications, or the Internet.

Additionally, if a country is to become globally competitive either in business or the labour market, then it is imperative for it to understand and utilize the dominant international language. In my part of the world, you will not make progress in a career or business without English because corporate communications and commerce is mostly conducted in this language. A business might succeed locally without it, but growth in the bigger national or international market will be curtailed.

Then again, the dwindling usage or even extinction of many minor languages is an unfortunate result of this phenomenon. This happens when less and less people speak their mother tongue because of a shifting of allegiance to the second language. This is unfortunate because language death also means a loss of cultural identity. Original meanings and nuances are lost in translation. Culture forms language, and language revolves around culture, the demise of one means the same for the other.

Maybe the best course of action is a form of compromise. Governments must take steps to preserve their languages and dialects by supporting appropriate legislation and by funding the efforts of learning institutions. Individuals should continue using their mother tongue and take pride in their distinct cultural heritage.

Construction of parks and playgrounds – IELTS Writing Task 2

Public places such as parks and common squares are a kind of pleasure-space where the urban people sit and enjoy. I think that more of such spaces should be built in cities.

Towns and cities do not have a lot of the green beauty and open fields found in the countryside. Instead, with growing modernization, the cities are getting filled up with din and dust and smoke, making people feel suffocated in this heavy atmosphere. They wish to enjoy the serenity of rural scenes which are not available in cities and towns, which is why many people build farm-houses and holiday homes away from the city for a weekend of peaceful and green atmosphere. A public park or a playground provides a taste of that to these busy people during their leisure-hours. Here they find a wealth of oxygen which is rare in other parts of the town, and families can have exciting picnics together and indulge in recreational activities like playing the frisbee, or taking their dog for a run.

A town square is commonly found in the heart of a traditional town used for community gatherings. They may house open markets, music concerts, bakeries and have a beautiful centre containing a fountain, or a statue. In most countries, automobiles are prohibited in these areas enabling people to walk around and eliminating the noise and pollution. People can gather here on weekends and have a fun outing for several hours for minimal costs since it’s freely accessible to all public. Such public squares, or civic centers encourage a sense of community and bond the society in harmony.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, it is necessary to build such community places in towns and cities. I feel they are necessary for the health and happiness of the town-dwellers.

Nations Hosting International Sporting Events – IELTS Writing Task – 2

There is frequently great competition to host international sporting events. Not everyone, however, believes that the price involved in hosting such events is worthwhile. For me, this is an understandable point of view and perhaps not every country should try and stage international sporting events.

The major argument against hosting international sporting events is financial. Typically, it can cost several million pounds to build the arenas and modernise the infrastructure so that it can cater for the athletes and the spectators. This money, it is argued, would be better spent on welfare and education programmes that provide direct support for the population. Indeed, some governments have incurred so much debt through hosting the Olympic Games that they have had to reduce spending on other social programmes.

While there is some merit in that argument, hosting sporting events does also bring significant benefits. First among these is the honour and prestige it brings to the host country because that country will be the centre of the sporting world for the duration of the event. For many people this is beyond any price. More than that, if the authorities plan carefully, they can use the occasion of the sporting event to help finance public works that benefit the whole population in the long term. For example, the village for the athletes can be transformed into public housing and the various stadia can be used to build a sporting legacy for future generations.

My own view is that it is an honour for a country to host a major sporting event. However, if a government wishes to bid for an international event to be staged in its country, it should ensure it has sufficient funds to maintain spending on other projects.

Animal Rights – IELTS Writing Task- 2

There are different opinions whether animals should have the same rights as people or not. On the one hand, animals are living creatures just as we are, but on the other hand we need them for our survival and progress. .

Children cannot grow up healthy and strong without the necessary proteins, iron and even vitamins found in meat. A diet forced on children to eat vegetarian food only would lead to negative physical and psychological consequences. Animals are also needed by pharmacists, for example, to do research and create new drugs that make us healthy. Domestic animals, unlike wild ones, are easy to preserve as species since there are plenty of them. Many people believe there is nothing wrong with using animals for consumption or research purposes that are important for the survival of mankind.

It is often discussed that animals suffer great pain and they deserve better rights. Although, that may be true it is not scientifically proven. I strongly support the idea of preserving and protecting wild animals, as well as endangered species. However, it is my opinion that domestic animals should be used for meeting the demands of society, such as starvation and the need for medical and technological progress.

In conclusion, domestic animals should not be tortured or made to suffer unnecessarily, but they do serve an important part of the cycle of Nature which includes their death. Human beings have been hunters since ancient times and we cannot forbid society to consume meat. However, we can preserve wild animals and their natural habitat. Using domestic animals for research might be fruitful and good for the development of sciences.

Modern Communications – IELTS Writing Task 2

In years gone by, before the age of the telegraph or telephone, letter writing was the main means of communication for most people. Since then we have developed faster and more direct ways of contacting people, and personal mail has become relatively rare.

It is true that in many cases where our parents would have written a letter, we prefer to pick up the phone, to email or even to text instead. These are perfectly suitable ways of inviting friends to call round or exchanging news with a family member, for example, and they have the advantage that the communication is immediate and we can receive a reply very quickly. In business, too, fax and email are extremely useful.

However, in my opinion there are times when there is no alternative to a letter. Letters are generally more formal and carefully composed than emails. This makes them more suitable for occasions when they are likely to be kept and re-read, perhaps several times, by the recipient, as with formal letters of thanks or sympathy. In addition, letters provide a written record, unlike telephone calls, so they are also a better way of setting out an important or complex argument, as in official complaints or legal matters.

In conclusion, I would definitely agree that there are fewer times when we need to write letters than in the past. On the other hand, I feel there are still some important occasions when a letter is the most appropriate form of communication.

Music – IELTS Writing Task 2

It is true that a rich variety of musical styles can be found around the world. Music is a vital part of all human cultures for a range of reasons, and I would argue that traditional music is more important than modern, international music.

Music is something that accompanies all of us throughout our lives. As children, we are taught songs by our parents and teachers as a means of learning language, or simply as a form of enjoyment. Children delight in singing with others, and it would appear that the act of singing in a group creates a connection between participants, regardless of their age. Later in life, people’s musical preferences develop, and we come to see our favourite songs as part of our life stories. Music both expresses and arouses emotions in a way that words alone cannot. In short, it is difficult to imagine life without it.

In my opinion, traditional music should be valued over the international music that has become so popular. International pop music is often catchy and fun, but it is essentially a commercial product that is marketed and sold by business people. Traditional music, by contrast, expresses the culture, customs and history of a country. Traditional styles, such as …(example)…, connect us to the past and form part of our cultural identity. It would be a real pity if pop music became so predominant that these national styles disappeared.

In conclusion, music is a necessary part of human existence, and I believe that traditional music should be given more importance than international music

Boarding Schools

In the past, people used to send their children to boarding schools for army training. Now it is a status symbol in numerous countries. Some people think it has tremendous benefits on our society. While others think, it has detrimental side effects on our lives. I would like to discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools, and all the possible reasons behind this attitude.

On one side there are many people who argue that the benefits of boarding schools considerably outweigh its advantages .The main reason believing this is that there are numerous benefit for individual and society. Firstly, the independence of living away from home is beneficial because it helps the students develop better social skills and improve as a person. As a result, their maturity, and confidence will grow, enabling them to live more fulfilling lives. Secondly, society will gain from the contribution that graduate can make to the economy. We are living in competitive world, so countries need educated people in order to compete and prosper.

On the other hand, it is also possible to make opposing case. It is often argued that, individuals who lives away from home have less respect for their elders. Some students adapt bad habits such as smoking and drinking. As a result, those individual would be burden on parents and society. In addition, boarding schools children become less sensitive to others feeling and some time become more introvert.

To sum up, although there are some negative consequences of this trend, but I believe that advantages are more than disadvantages. Boarding schools will bring positive development in our society.

Job And Money

A vast majority of our adult life is spent working; hence it is important that we have an appropriate job that fulfills our aspirations. While financial remuneration is an important factor that attracts individuals towards a specific work, I disagree that it is the most significant factor that makes a job ideal.

Firstly, the importance of financial security cannot be undermined in the modern materialistic world. Since a vast majority of people earn their livelihood from their workplace, it will be difficult for individuals with single source of income, to make their ends meet, from underpaying jobs. Thus underpaid employees, because of their financial burdens, may not be able to offer dedication and commitment at workplace, which in turn results in under-performance. Secondly, the educated refrain from being employed in underpaying jobs, as these are less attractive. Hence the remuneration associated, is an important factor that determines the value of a particular job.

On the other hand, to glorify higher earning as the sole determiner of an ideal job is incorrect. This is because various other factors like work and life balance; working place culture and adequate recognition contribute towards satisfaction and contentment in work. Thus an astronomically higher paying job with a demanding employer, with poor social life in a tedious work place environment will lead to higher job dissatisfaction, which in turn will also promote higher attrition.

Henceforth, it can be stated that apart from financial remuneration, which is a major determiner of a good occupation, job satisfaction is also an equally important associated factor that determines the value of a specific job.

Improving Our Communities

Historically humans have dwelled in a community which sets them apart from the other species on earth. Communities have existed in different forms and can be the epicentre for any grown civilisation. Any community is made up of individuals who contribute towards the growth and well-being of the overall community.  Since I am an integral part of my community, I equally share the ownership and duty towards my community. I have decided to spend few hours every month to contribute towards building up fitness facility in my community.

I consider ‘Fitness’ as a very important aspect of an individual’s life. It doesn’t have a very high priority in our day-to-day life due to our busy work schedule and thus it always takes a back seat in terms of our daily itinerary. To quote the famous saying, “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, exercising is the best way to keep our body and mind healthy. Besides keeping us healthy, we can bring freshness in our daily routine by exercising every day. Having fitness equipment in the community just a few footsteps away can have very motivating results. People can exercise at their convenience without spending unnecessary time on the commute.

Another reason to set up fitness equipment in the community is the affordability. Not every family can afford the Gyms and fitness centres. Since these commercial fitness centres charge a lot of fees, fitness at times is perceived as a luxury commodity, thus depriving the people of the best of the class equipment. But, in this world of technology, world class equipment with the best design are available at low prices too. To give an example, Singapore government has deployed fitness equipment at every 100 meters for their Housing Development Board Units. Thus, the success of Singapore can be repeated in everysociety.

To conclude, I consider fitness as a daily need and not a once in a blue moon activity. Having fitness in a community is the best way to push ourselves to the treadmill every day. I recommend having fitness in the community to enjoy the benefits of a healthy body.