Advertising Discourages People From Being Different

In today’s complex commercial worlds, consumers are increasingly relying on the marketing promotions. Therefore, it has been argued that advertising makes people become less distinctive. Modern media is rife with advertisements, ceaselessly persuading people to purchase products and services.

Firstly, it is human nature to pursue the latest trend of the society. This is especially true in this day and age, where the cut-throat competition leaves little room for customers to make a rational choice for purchasing. Therefore, one way to gain the latest products and service is to follow the advertising. For example, half of the mobile-phone users today are using iphone, because attractive marketing promotion stops potential buyers from looking any further. However, with the frequently changed advertisements, customers may intend to purchase more if they have enough disposable income. Thus, such phenomenon would lead to wastage in terms of income and resources.

Secondly, general public has become more vulnerable to manipulation by these marketing tactics and has perceived these messages as truthful and unbiased. This phenomenon is rather evident among the younger generation. In comparison with adults, young people may worship materialism greater. They are excessively relying on social media to fulfill their vanity. For instance, a brand new handbag could be sold instantly because of the advertising. Nevertheless, it will undermine consumers’ critical thinking. Thus, consumers are more likely to purchase products based on slogans, not based on their true needs. This might explain why a considerable number of consumers wear the same shirts and are using the same computers.

In conclusion, I believe that advertising is making people less distinctive, due to the fact that modern society has posed an adverse impact on purchasing habits.


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